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We were so delighted to receive our first review of Squiggle Bee from Ally of Book Monsters blog


'Squiggle Bee is quite self explanatory really, it tells the story of a little bee who can’t seem to fit in with her bee friends due to her wiggly squiggly flying technique. She gets teased by the other bees, until she ventures off on her own squiggly journey to find a home where she fits in.


The writing in this story is a mixture of rhyme and non-rhyme, which is really nicely done and works really well. It’s has a rhythm to it that almost matches the squiggly little bee herself. The story is ever so sweet and endearing and again would be perfect to read to little children. Ideal also for getting them to act out and dance along to the story!


Ruth has excelled herself with the illustrations in this book. There is a new depth of colour and interest that gives a powerful feel of the different places the little bee visits. Like her previous books, the illustrations are still bold and bright, but this time with more depth and interest on each page, a work of art! There’s a constant squiggly line that goes through the book which would be fun to trace with young children’s fingers, and at the end they are encouraged to count up all the bees on the page. It’s really nicely interactive.


Like Lilly Mae, this book has an educational element, but it is more subtle, at the end of the story is a lovely small piece about the bees and why they are so important to us all and why we must work to save them. It’s lovely and another prompter for discussion and extra research with children.


Ruth Thorp (along with her sister for Lilly Mae) has created a fabulous trio of gorgeous little books that are educational, but fun, feisty and unusual too. They would make great additions to schools and libraries and a fab gift set. I certainly wish her a lot of success with these lovely books and look forward to seeing more in the future.'




The Tester Family recommended Squiggle Bee as a great gift for children on their 'Gifts for Children' page:


'Ruth's illustrations are bold and full of energy and the story of the little Squiggle Bee is delightful.

We would recommend this book as a great Christmas gift  for any children between  1-7  years.'




We were buzzing after receiving this fantastic review from the lovely Naomi at beebops books blog. Naomi even gave us our own hashtag: #ThorpThursday with Squiggle Bee being the first of of three #ThorpThursdays when she will also be featuring Lilly Mae and The Squawks:


'Squiggle Bee is a quirky little bee who is quite happy with her squiggly wiggly way of flying. Her fellow bees are not so happy and after she is late one too many times they banish her from the hive! At first, she enjoys the freedom but it’s not fun when you don’t have friends to share your adventures with. What’s a Squiggle Bee to do?!


Squiggle Bee is beautifully illustrated. With lots of blues, yellows, whites and blacks, the illustrations are very striking and would be standalone artwork in themselves.


Squiggle Bee is a rhyming book that is not only easy to read, but incredibly emotive too. You fall in love with Squiggle Bee very easily and we loved the fact that she was brave enough to be on her own and carry on with her squiggles and her wiggles, despite being banished from her hive. Our uniqueness should always be celebrated and this is what Squiggle Bee does! This became one of our favourites in the first reading and it’s one you can read time and time again.


We also loved the features of bee anatomy on the first page and the information on the plight of our bees at the back of the book. At Beebop towers, we have recently bought lots of bee friendly plants so Squiggle Bee came at a very good time for us! Use #savethebees to find out more. There are so many ways to help bees, from planting bee friendly plants to adopting a hive or attending a bee keeping course to have your own hive!'



Reviews from happy customers:


'My daughter loves the adventure of Squiggle Bee. A beautifully illustrated and charming story.'



'Such a lovely story and beautifully illustrated. A really great present for a little person!'