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Things turned out ok for our little bee, but around the world, there are billions of bees that need our help!


From solitary to social, honey to bumble, bees play a vital role in our food chain.


Bees are the world’s most important pollinator of food crops. Alongside other pollinating insects like butterflies, wasps, and flies, they are responsible for pollinating an estimated third of the food we consume worldwide, as well as pollinating wild flowers and much of the food for our livestock and animals. They are also responsible for producing other important products such as honey and beeswax and help maintain genetic diversity of flowering plants.


But our bees are in decline due to pesticides, parasites, disease, habitat loss and climate change.


The bees need us to protect them and we need them to avoid the devastating effect their loss would have on our  food chain.


You can help them. Search #savethebees and find out how you can do more and get involved in saving our bees!